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Start a Metalworking Fluids Maintenance Program

Getting Started

Keeping your coolant in proper condition is the easy part. The hard part is getting all the information you need, getting it organized, and then implementing a program that everyone can understand.

One person from each shift should be designated to oversee the coolant maintenance requirements. This person should be thoroughly trained in all aspects of coolant maintenance protocol as well as any equipment that needs to be utilized.

Once the designee is trained and has a good understanding of the maintenance process, then others can be trained as well. These will include all operators, regular maintenance personnel, and any other person having a hand in selecting, using, or servicing your coolants.

It is best to start with the basic things you need to do and build from there. Things like checking concentration, removing oil, and circulating your sumps are simple steps you can take right away. Removing chips and fines are also very important, but you may need some time to decide the best way to do this for your application.

Keep detailed records that can be referred to when there is a problem. These records will help discern what action was previously taken which remedied the situation, or even made it worse!


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